Top Board of Director Software, Services, and Expertise

The range of functions and the user-friendliness of modern board software solutions have grown so amazingly in recent years that they have become an integral part of everyday work in the board`s activity. So, what are the best board software providers?

Board software: how to enchase the productivity of the board of directors?

Board meetings are essential to ensure balanced communication and thus a stable project flow from which successful outcomes follow. Therefore, constant coordination is almost vital to complete projects and achieve goals because otherwise, it is impossible to work together. But why are board meetings so often unproductive? Today, some executives still stay away from the latest digital technologies and organize their daily activities in the usual way, which is not always effective and takes a lot of time and effort.

In this case, board meeting management software provides comprehensive and structured appointment and data management. It is also used to document and control meetings. This digital platform was specifically implemented to improve meeting productivity, collaboration, and decision-making among board members and executive teams. The top board of director software includes the following vendors:

  • BoardPro

  • Wrike

  • Boardmaps

  • Boardable

  • Diligent

  • Nasdaq

  • Govenda

  • OnBoard

  • Sherpany

  • DocSend

  • Boardadvantage

  • BoardEffect

  • Parabol.

The typical features of the board software

The appeal of board meeting software lies in its ease of use in a paperless environment. Such a solution is ideal for anyone who has ever faced the task of processing revisions, printing files multiple times, and distributing documents on paper. Some companies also use board portal software simply because it allows board members to access documents on the go. However, an effective platform is more than just a gateway to portable copies in electronic form.

There are the following key board software features for effective remote meetings:

  • Collaborative session preparation

An efficient session is one that has been carefully prepared. Even today, it is often thought that the preparation is solely the organizer’s responsibility. However, a meeting has to activate all participants nowadays, especially in the key phase: preparation. With board management software, participants can add notes and files to the agenda no matter where they are. As a result, the agenda is updated in real-time and is immediately visible to everyone.

  • Taking minutes during the video conference

The minutes are written directly from the previously created agenda during the meeting, parallel to the video conference. With board software, the writing of the minutes is done very quickly in real-time and completed with notes, decisions, and tasks on the various topics.

  • Delegating tasks in real-time

All participants have immediate access to the minutes after the virtual meeting with the board software. In addition, automatic task tracking allows pending issues to be tracked from one meeting to the next. It means that everyone in the team knows what needs to be done by whom and when.

  • Data protection

Documents are stored in a protected system, and users can take notes and discuss the material that is stored in the system instead of keeping notices and discussions on paper or in unprotected e-mails.

  • The efficiency of data management 

By tracking the documents and communications between members, board meeting software helps to avoid potential errors. In the business world, even the slightest misunderstanding between board members can result in enormous losses. With online board meetings, such unfortunate situations are minimized thanks to the data on the documents, meeting participants, recordings, and conversation logs of the meetings conducted.